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Trellis is a suite of software tools for developing, administering, and collecting survey and social network data. What separates Trellis from other survey tools is its support for mapping social networks and its ability to integrate them with survey data.

More information:

  • Social network targeting to maximise population behaviour change: a cluster randomised controlled trial, The Lancet, Published online May 5, 2015  D.A. Kim, A.R. Hwong, D. Stafford, D.A. Hughes, A.J. O’Malley, J.H. Fowler, and N.A. Christakis.
  • Exploiting social influence to magnify population-level behaviour change in maternal and child health: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of network targeting algorithms in rural Honduras. BMJ open. 2017 Mar 1;7(3):e012996  Shakya HB, Stafford D, Hughes DA, Keegan T, Negron R, Broome J, McKnight M, Nicoll L, Nelson J, Iriarte E, Ordonez M, Airoldi E, Fowler JH, Christakis NA
  • Intimate partner violence norms cluster within households: an observational social network study in rural Honduras. BMC public health. 2016 Mar 8;16(1):233  Shakya HB, Hughes DA, Stafford D, Christakis NA, Fowler JH, Silverman JG.


Breadboard is a software platform for developing and conducting human interaction experiments on networks. It allows researchers to rapidly design experiments using a flexible domain-specific language and provides researchers with immediate access to a diverse pool of online participants.

More information:

  • McKnight, Mark E., and Nicholas A. Christakis. Breadboard. Computer software. Breadboard: Software for Online Social Experiments. Vers. 2. Yale University, 1 May 2016. Web.